Top 10+ cafes with the most beautiful views in Sapa

Top 10+ cafes with the most beautiful views in Sapa


Halosa Spa – Lounge & Cafe – Restaurant

Address: 63C Fansipan, Sapa town

Hotline: 0912869989


Located on Fansipan Street connecting Sapa town and Cat Cat village, the Halosa Spa – Lounge & Cafe – Restaurant complex is likened to a dreamland. When you come here, you not only enjoy the feeling of immersing yourself in nature but also indulge in taking pictures and bringing back lots of beautiful photos.


The interior is decorated in a luxurious and classy European style with a full glass design. The second-floor balcony with a panoramic view of Sapa is an ideal place to enjoy the fresh air of a new day or to sip a glass of wine at sunset.


The drink menu is diverse and unique with various types of beverages such as tea, beer, and cocktails… to meet the needs of all customers. Especially, every weekend evening, live music performances are organized here, attracting many music lovers.

In addition, you can also experience lunch, dinner, spa, and massage services here. The massage rooms are also designed for you to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Sapa.


Tus De Liab Cafe Sapa Address:

Above Ville De Mont Mountain Resort – Group 7, Sa Pa, Lao Cai Directions: From the center of Sapa, go towards Cau May – Muong Hoa – turn onto the road to Hang Da village. After passing Sapa Jade Hill to Ville De Mont Mountain Resort, stop at the parking lot. Take the electric car up, then walk about 60 steps to get there.


top-10-quan-cafe-view-dep-nhat-sapa-5Tus De Liab Cafe is a brand new cafe spot for enjoying mountain views that many people have only seen in pictures but haven’t been to. The cafe is located at an altitude of 1600m alone on the top of the mountain, surrounded by a 360-degree panoramic view of majestic mountains and clouds. This is an ideal Sapa cloud yard cafe.




Fansipan Terrace Cafe And Homestay

Address: 67 Fansipan, Sa Pa Town, Sa Pa, Lao Cai Located on Fansipan Street with a panoramic view of the high mountains, Fansipan Terrace Café & Homestay is a perfect cloud-hunting cafe for chilly autumn and winter days.

The café is built with a concept similar to an outdoor stage, with the purpose of organizing concerts every weekend. On weekdays, guests can relax and admire the mountain view, and clouds, and enjoy a delicious cappuccino. If you come to enjoy coffee and music on weekends, there will be an additional fee and you can also have dinner here.



Like Lá Dao, Fansipan Terrace is a famous resort and café complex in Sapa, chosen by many tourists to experience the unique beauty and culture of the highlands.


The design of Fansipan Terrace is simple with wooden roofs and wooden furnishings. Outside, there is a wooden bar facing the valley and hills, just like in the “chill” photos often shared on Facebook.

Gem Valley Coffee:

Address: Cat Cat Village, Sapa, Lao Cai To get to Gem Valley, you need to go to Cat Cat Village, go through the valley and the Viet – Japan hill for another 50m. This is a Homestay and Café complex built by a Hanoi artist couple, and every corner of Gem Valley has a unique and artistic



The coffee shop of Gem Valley is located on the third floor of this artistic homestay complex, facing the picturesque valley and the majestic Hoang Lien Son mountain range, bringing a very special feeling for those who love to admire the scenery of Sapa’s mountains and forests.

Viettrekking Cafe Home Sapa

Address: 33 Hoang Lien, TT. Sa Pa, Sa Pa, Lao Caitop-10-quan-cafe-view-dep-nhat-sapa-16


Viettrekking Cafe is a peaceful destination for young people and those who love adventure, rustic cafes, and scenic mountain views. Located in a prime central location, Viettrekking Cafe faces the Hoang Lien mountain range with a spacious atmosphere where earth and sky, humans and nature in the highlands blend together. It is a stop to enjoy delicious drinks in a priceless landscape of the Northwest mountains.

Coóng Coffee & Stay

Address: 8RJP+PPR, Cat Cat, Sa Pa, Lao Cai




Coóng Coffee & Stay is a resort complex that combines a garden-style café hanging amidst the green pine forest, bringing a feeling of being in Da Lat. Visitors to Coóng can enjoy coffee while sitting on the hillside, with a view of the mountainous landscape and lush green valley.

The Haven Sapa

Address: Scenic Hill, Ban Cat Cat, San Sa Ho Commune, Sa Pa, Lao Cai



The Haven Sapa is considered a modest design, a bit outdated and shabby, but the view is priceless. From The Haven, visitors can see the white floating clouds on the undulating mountains, and below is the beautiful terraced valley. Guests can rent a hut or tent for a private space to enjoy the stunning scenery. If you are looking for a beautiful view cafe in Sapa, don’t miss this place!!!

Cat Cat Riverside Café

Located in Cat Cat village, the most beautiful ancient village in Northwest Vietnam, with a picturesque stream running through it. The water wheel rotates day and night, and a simple wooden bridge connects both banks. Cat Cat Riverside Café has a very familiar rustic character of the local ethnic minority people here.


Lá Đỏ Homestay & Coffee

Is somewhat modest with a slightly rustic design, but it is always crowded because of its priceless view. Tourists both domestic and foreign can feel the special beauty of Cat Cat village. The place has been mentioned a lot in the media and other communication channels.

Address: 031 Hoang Lien, Sa Pa town, Sa Pa, Lao Cai.



To visit Sapa without stopping by Lá Đỏ to enjoy coffee while admiring the scenery is truly a miss. Lá Đỏ is famous for its coffee space imbued with poetic mountainous scenery. Additionally, visitors to Lá Đỏ can freely take pictures with unique miniature scenes. But it’s not all about shopping. Come to Lá Đỏ, order a cup of coffee, and enjoy the beautiful highland panorama with your naked eyes!

Du Soleil Sapa

Address: Fansipan Peak, Sapa, Lao Cai A café “on the clouds” that many tourists love when they climb Fansipan. Du Soleil Sapa is located at an altitude of 3000 meters. Here, visitors can enjoy delicious drinks while admiring the floating sea of clouds over the majestic high mountain ranges or the beautiful Mường Hoa valley.


The design of Du Soleil Sapa is also very unique. Using traditional materials such as bamboo and thatched roof as highlights. In addition, the shop also uses transparent glass doors to ensure that customers’ views are not obstructed when enjoying the magnificent scenery outside. For those who enjoy the cool outdoor atmosphere, Du Soleil also has a very “chill” outdoor space that everyone will love.

Absinthe Coffee & Bar

Address: 01 Hoang Lien, TT. Sa Pa, Sa Pa, Lao Cai





Located on the 10th floor of the luxurious 5-star De La Coupole Sapa hotel, Absinthe Coffee & Bar features a lavish aristocratic architecture. Following the hotel’s overall concept, it offers both indoor and outdoor spaces – facing the majestic mountains. It provides visitors with a sense of being served as a true gentleman or lady.


Visit Halosa at:



Hotline: 091286 9989

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