Top 10 prestigious and quality massage addresses in Sapa Lao Cai

Top 10 prestigious and quality massage addresses in Sapa Lao Cai


A massage, sauna, or therapeutic bath will definitely help visitors relax and regain energy the fastest after a long day of travel and sightseeing. In particular, when massaging with herbal essential oils refined from all Alpine plants, Today, let’s take a look at the top 10 prestigious and quality Sapa massage addresses.

Halosa Spa:

Located in the latest Halosa resort complex in Sapa, Halosa Spa has a natural setting amidst the clouds of Sapa surrounding the complex. Just relax and see the vast sky and open space through the glass windows; only Halosa Spa can help you do that. Along with the luxurious space, we have meticulously placed scented candles with essential oils, making the whole spa classy but still very close and helping you feel very light and comfortable. Above all, at Halosa – Spa, there are many diverse combos: from body massage to full-body exfoliation to double baths, etc., all of which are very suitable as the ideal choice for you to visit.


Lavender Spa Beauty Salon:

Over many years of experience in the field of beauty, the center has really owned a team of staff who are well-trained in quality to be able to serve many different needs of customers. In addition, the machinery and equipment here are very modern, updated with the latest technology from abroad. It is from these things that a prestigious massage address in Sapa results.


Green Spa Beauty:

Green Spa is a reliable address for prestigious beauty care. The center has a variety of services, such as relaxing massage, skin care, therapy, foot spa massage, hairdressing, nail art, etc., to meet the needs of many customers. Having a professional team and providing high-quality service can satisfy you.This place will be an optimal choice for you.

Silk Path Grand Resort & Spa:

Silk Path Grand Resort & Spa Sapa is one of the most prestigious beauty spas in Sapa, with many years of experience. Spa is always learning, discovering, and bringing the most optimal technology from abroad to Vietnam, helping all customers have the most optimal skin and body care steps. Silk Path Grand Resort & Spa Sapa, a massage address in Sapa, specializes in using machines with advanced technology, according to US FDA standards.


Sapa Jade Hill Resort & Spa:

Sapa Jade Hill Resort & Spa is one of the leading massage services in the field of health care and beauty. The main goal of the spa is “taking quality and efficiency as the highest commitment, then putting the customer’s interests first.” With this goal in mind, this place always has a professional staff and modern equipment to fully meet the needs of customers. Sapa Jade Hill Resort & Spa is the massage address in Sapa for great relaxation for you.

Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa:

This is a spa massage place that is highly appreciated by many customers because it is always updated with all the very modern beauty trends, applying the most advanced technology available around the world. Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa owns 100% of the professionally trained doctors and nurses at many prestigious universities who directly visit customers when doing foot massage in Sapa.

Spa Hotel De La Coupole:

Spa Hotel De La Coupole is a prestigious massage address trusted by many women. Customers coming here can fully enjoy relaxing moments and experience all the thoughtful and professional beauty care services from a team of leading experts in Vietnam. Come to Spa Hotel De La Coupole, a massage address in Sapa, to feel the difference in a luxurious, quiet space that gives you a feeling of relaxation after a busy day.


Anh Hong Spa:

As one of the first spas and the first high-class spa in Sapa province. The spa always employs staff who undergo rigorous training in skin and acupuncture and have all the skills to serve customers. Coming to Anh Hong Spa (massage address in Sapa), you will experience all-quality service packages with attractive promotions that always make customers the most satisfied.

Beauty spa Dao:

La Dao Spa is a prestigious massage address. The center comes from the idea of a very friendly beauty center that treats customers like family members. In addition, La Dao Spa also has a team of experienced massage technicians, high-tech machines, and a professional service style, as well as a modern and dedicated beauty technology system that has brought natural beauty to the world. for many customers. La Dao Spa specializes in using all Sapa massage care products originating from natural sources and specializing in acne and post-acne treatment, always being a reliable beauty care destination for everyone. This is a special place that you should visit.

Spa Sapa Charm Hotel:

Sapa Charm Hotel is a Sapa massage and beauty care facility trusted by many people. With the motto of putting customer satisfaction first, Sapa Charm Hotel always improves all services in terms of quality, then launches many new and best services for customers to have more choices than when coming to this massage address.

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Hotline: 091286-9989

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