Top 5 most prestigious places to bathe in red leaves in Sapa

Top 5 most prestigious places to bathe in red leaves in Sapa


Bathing with Red Dao medicinal leaves is not only a method of health care but also a factor in forming the cultural identity of ethnic minorities. Therefore, the sauna, massage, and herbal bath services of the Red Dao people have become an indispensable choice for any visitor when coming to explore Sapa.


Dao’s Center is a health care center providing a large-scale, top-quality Red Dao herbal bath service in Sapa. It is licensed for business operations, so visitors can rest assured when using it. service here. Coming to the establishment, visitors will enjoy a full range of unique services such as massage, dao medicine bath, sauna, and herbal foot bath.

The reason Dao’s Center takes the lead in quality is because of its beautifully decorated space, synchronous and comfortable infrastructure, and large number of bathrooms and massage rooms, which meet the needs of the number of visitors coming in and out even during peak hours. The staff is enthusiastic, hospitable, highly skilled, well-trained, and in-depth.

Dao’s Center makes an indescribable impression from the moment you arrive. Dao’s space is adorned with the warm brown color of the wall combined with the dominant red wine tone to bring a feeling of gentle relaxation.


At Dao’s Center, every little detail is beautifully designed; each room is decorated in a different way and combined with soft yellow lights and melodious music to create a sense of relaxation. Go away from the fatigue of the hustle and bustle of life.

One of the points that makes Dao’s Center different from other establishments is the quality of the bath medicine, the concentration of unadulterated drugs, the color of the medicine, the color of the blood, and the waves, which are like red wine. standard recipe of the Dao ethnic group.

In addition, the establishment also provides Northwest mountain specialties such as jams, kitchen buffalo meat, bath medicine, heirloom herbs, complementary detox tea, and souvenirs to take home. Some tourists have not been to Sapa and do not know where Sapa is; please consult information about Sapa before going; you will surely have interesting and unforgettable experiences when coming to Dao’s Center system!


Located on the western side of Sapa town, New Day attracts a large number of guests because of the skill of the massage staff. Customers who come to the facility are consulted and served by the staff in a dedicated and thoughtful manner. However, the facilities here are still lacking, not synchronized, and the number of employees is not enough to serve at peak hours. The quality of the medicine is not pure, and the color of the medicine is light red, not in accordance with the standard of traditional medicine of the Dao ethnic group.

3. Tao Nguyen Medicinal Bath Facility

Quite far from the center of Sapa town, the Thao Nguyen facility will provide visitors with a medicinal bath service that blends with the natural landscape of the mountains. You also do not need to worry when you want to move to the stilt house because, right in the center of Sapa, there is always a motorbike taxi team. The minus point here is that this establishment is spontaneously private, small-scale, and without a license to operate in accordance with regulations.



This is a long-standing medicinal bath facility in Sapa; the address is located right at the old Sapa bus station, so it is very popular with tourists. With many years of experience in the family service industry and a professional staff, the Phuong Lan bath facility will bring visitors satisfaction. The minus point here is that the quality of massage chairs and beds is too old and smelly, but they have not been upgraded yet.

5. Huong Ly Spa

With a rather small scale, modern style is mixed with tradition. Visitors coming here will feel the tranquility and relaxation of each type of service. The quality and service of the establishment are quite good, and the bath tubs are covered with flowers and tobacco leaves, which will surely make visitors want to go to Huong Ly Spa.

Visitors can choose Huong Ly Spa as a temporary stop because the space is quite small and there are not too many services for visitors to choose from.

After years of being circulated only in the Red Dao community on the high mountains, the bath remedy has now become a tourist product rich in cultural identity for the tourist town of Sa Pa, which attracts tourists from all over the world. Also want to come back next time.


Bathing with the medicinal leaves of the Dao people is loved by many people because it brings a feeling of comfort and ease, dispels fatigue, and is very beneficial for health. Men take a medicated bath that offers energizing benefits. The elderly take medicine baths to help treat body odor, bring a sense of comfort, and create a good night’s sleep. Women take medicine baths to help achieve beautiful skin, smooth skin, brighten skin, effectively treat body aches, and reap beauty benefits.

After this article, readers must have had the answer to the question: Where is the prestigious place to take a sapa medicine bath? I wish you a trip to Sapa that includes a meaningful traditional herbal bath experience!

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