Top 5 salmon restaurants in Sapa to try at least once.

Top 5 salmon restaurants in Sapa to try at least once.


When visiting the Sapa region, you cannot miss out on the “salmon” here that will enchant you with their exquisite flavors. Let’s explore some renowned places to try salmon in Sapa!

1. Halosa Restaurant:

Located within the Halosa complex, Halosa Restaurant boasts luxurious and cozy Indochine-style interior design. Apart from having a spacious area with a panoramic view of the Sapa mountains and forests, the salmon dishes at Halosa Restaurant are visually appealing and diverse. The salmon dishes are fresh, flavorful, and incredibly firm. Particularly, the cuisine is prepared by experienced chefs in the industry. Additionally, Halosa Restaurant offers a variety of other delicious dishes suitable for all ages.


2. Sapa Xuân Viên Salmon Restaurant:

Situated in the bustling center of Sapa town, Xuân Viên Restaurant is a top choice for many diners with a diverse menu of Sapa specialties in this “foggy paradise,” including hot pot dishes, Thắng cố and sturgeon fish. The most outstanding dish is still the salmon, sourced near the Silver Waterfall, ensuring fresh and clean ingredients. The salmon is then skillfully prepared by experienced chefs, creating irresistibly enticing dishes. With a spacious seating capacity for up to 300 guests, modern decor, professional and attentive service staff, reasonable prices, and positive reviews from satisfied customers, this is an address worth considering.

4/. Thác Bạc Restaurant – Quality Salmon Spot:

Renowned for its salmon salad, strategically located at the foot of the Silver Waterfall, Thác Bạc Restaurant quickly attracts a large number of tourists who come here to indulge in the culinary experience. Using live Sapa salmon, handpicked directly by diners, ensures unparalleled freshness, delicious and firm-textured fish.

5. Hải Lâm Sa Pa Restaurant:

Another excellent spot for delicious Sapa salmon is Hải Lâm Sapa Restaurant. With a spacious and beautifully designed space, the restaurant capitalizes on its aesthetics to attract photography enthusiasts. The menu is diverse, with each dish presented beautifully and possessing a unique flavor. The standout item is the unquestionably delicious salmon hot pot.


HALOSA – New Land, New Experience

⍟ 63C Fansipan – Sapa

• Hotline: +84 91 286 99 89

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