Top 5 spas with the most recommended therapeutic massage packages to try in Sapa

Top 5 spas with the most recommended therapeutic massage packages to try in Sapa


Sapa attracts thousands of visitors each year. The pristine and poetic beauty of nature, along with its unique culture, is one of the distinctive features of Sapa. Your trip will be even more fulfilling with a visit to luxurious and tranquil spas.

1. Halosa Spa:

Halosa Spa is a professional and high-class establishment that combines harmoniously European and Asian massage techniques with herbal ingredients from the Sapa mountains and forests. Their dedicated staff provides a safe and comfortable massage experience, and the warm and luxurious Indochine-style interior design enhances the ambiance.

With a variety of attractive massage packages suitable for all ages and preferences, Halosa Spa offers therapeutic massages that help you relax and release tension in both your body and feet after a long and exhausting day.


2. Minh Châu Foot Care & Spa:

Located in the heart of Sapa, Minh Châu Foot Care & Spa is the ideal place for those seeking quality foot massage services. The fusion of European-style decor and a close connection with nature creates an intriguing space that truly soothes the soul.

3. Dibi Spa – Massage & Red Dao Herbal Bath:

Situated in the town center, Dibi Spa stands out with its unique approach to Sapa foot massages. With a commitment to connecting nature and the soul, this is where you can relax and immerse yourself in the Saigon cultural essence right in the heart of Sapa.

4. Red Dao Spa:

Renowned for its reliable Red Dao herbal bath in Sapa, Red Dao Spa offers a unique spa journey that combines Eastern techniques and traditional Vietnamese herbal remedies, including excellent foot massages.

5. Les Nuages Spa at Hotel de la Coupole:

Located within the upscale Hotel de la Coupole, Les Nuages Spa offers a foot massage experience. It’s a romantic destination, perfect for couples. The exquisite design and peaceful ambiance create a unique space for relaxation and building relationships.


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