Top 5 unique festivals only in Sapa

Top 5 unique festivals only in Sapa


If it is said that spring is the season of festivals, to participate in the most special festivals during the Lunar New Year, Sapa cannot be ignored. When coming here, one of the interesting experiences you should not miss is the opportunity to immerse yourself in the unique Sapa festivals.

1. Nao Cong Festival

This is one of the outstanding Sapa festivals known to many tourists. The festival is held in the Muong Hoa valley every year. From the 50s onwards, Ta Van had a temple to worship the gods. The temple consists of 3 compartments and has long been the place where the Nao Cong festival takes place.

Each family will appoint one person, regardless of male or female, as a representative to participate in the festival. Here, people hold a ceremony to pray for the gods to help their family live in peace and have good crops.

2. New Year Dance Festival – Unique Sapa Festival

Tet festival dance is the ritual of worshiping the ancestors of the Dao people, Ban Vuong. This is a festival to welcome the new year as well as a worship ceremony to express gratitude to ancestors and pray for good crops.

This is one of those Sapa festivals where everything seems to give way to the most important and unique part of Tet, the dance of gratitude. The first is the dance to welcome the gods and ancestors to celebrate Tet. Next is the dance to greet parents and ancestors.

Beautiful and unique dances take place during the festival. The movements are flexible but definitely make the hearts of tourists from all over the world.

3. Gau Tao Festival – Traditional festival in Sapa

Gau Tao Festival is one of the typical festivals. This is a festival expressing the meaningful tradition of the Mong people. “Gau Tao” in Hmong means “outdoor play”.

At this festival, people will make offerings to heaven and earth, praying to the gods to bless their families with health and prosperity. Gau Tao Festival is also an opportunity to pray for blessings and good fortune for the villagers.

This is said to be the big and unique Sapa festival of the Mong people.

4. Banana Flower Festival

Banana flower festival shows the spiritual culture of Xa Pho people. This is a festival to pray for good crops, livestock and poultry to grow, and homes to be full and happy.

People choose a good big banana tree, which is flowering to make a banana tree for the ceremony. With the hope that the next crops will be bountiful. On the trunk of the banana tree, the villagers put up more wild flowers to show the solidarity and attachment of the community.

5. Fansipan festival and opening of Fansipan heaven gate

Fansipan festival and opening of the sky gate are inspired by the colorful culture of the Northwest people every spring. In the midst of the immense space of mountains and clouds, the peace and tranquility of the zenith on the sacred peak, visitors will be able to freely experience and enjoy the most quintessential things of the highlands during the coming New Year.

This is also an opportunity for Buddhists from the four directions to pray for peace, receive faith and be full of hope for the new year.

In the middle of the tourist area filled with spring colors, you will be with the Northwest cultural space to return to your childhood in the happy traditional New Year days.

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