Travel to Sapa, discover 4 beautiful waterfalls at the foot of Fansipan

Travel to Sapa, discover 4 beautiful waterfalls at the foot of Fansipan


If you ever have the opportunity to travel to Sapa, you certainly cannot ignore the amazing and pristine beauty of the waterfalls at the foot of the majestic Fansipan mountain

Tac Tinh Waterfall:

Located 30km southeast of Lai Chau town, Tac Tinh waterfall is one of the tourist attractions in Sa Pa not to be missed when visitors arrive at Fansipan mountain. The waterfall is about 120m high and falls vertically, the foot of the waterfall is about 40m wide, at the foot of the waterfall is a clear blue lake about 200m2 wide like a mirror in the middle of the forest. From a distance, the waterfall looks like a charming painting. Especially in the sunset, visitors will see the image of a rainbow appearing on the white foaming water


Coming here, visitors can not only admire the scenery but also learn more about the legend of the waterfall. The story goes that: Once upon a time, a village of Dao ethnic people at the foot of the waterfall had a beautiful and beautiful lady Lo Lan. She fell in love with a boy in the village, both loved each other and were entwined like a deer in the forest early in the evening. But happiness did not last long when their love was divided and could not be married. To keep her vows with her lover, the girl immersed herself in the waterfall. Later, touched by her love and loyalty, the villagers named the waterfall where she immersed herself, Tac Tinh. Today, couples often come here to confide and pray for their love to last forever.

Ta Lam Waterfall:


Ta Lam Waterfall is known as the most beautiful waterfall at the foot of Fansipan mountain. The waterfall is located in the west of Muong Khuong district (Lao Cai), originates between two mountains that look like two dragons reaching down, the body and the dragon’s tail are squeezed onto the mountain range of a majestic elephant, the dragon’s head is equally high. This mountain range is over 1,000m above sea level, so the water pouring down from the top of the mountain has created a spectacular waterfall with a length of more than 500m.


Early in the morning or late in the afternoon, if you come here, you will find the whole area of ​​mist covered around the waterfall so beautiful. Ta Lam Waterfall is the pride of generations of the Muong Khuong ethnic group. From the day there was a big road going to Nam Chay, Ta Lam waterfall has become a favorite stop for tourists in Sa Pa – Lao Cai tours.

Na Pao Waterfall

Located 20km northeast of Lao Cai city center, Na Pao waterfall is considered a masterpiece that nature has bestowed on Ban Lau commune. In the Nung language, Na Pao waterfall means long waterfall. The waterfall is formed by a small stream that originates on the mountain. When flowing to the territory of Ban Lau commune, the stream met an underground water source from the bottom of Suoi Thau mountain, forming a waterfall like today.


Na Pao Waterfall is only about 20m wide. Seen from a distance, Na Pao waterfall is like white silk ribbons undulating and winding on the rocky slope, both fragile and strangely gentle. Visitors to Na Pao waterfall not only enjoy a fresh and cool atmosphere but also discover a rich and diverse forest flora. Along with the development of Sa Pa tourism industry, Na Pao waterfall will become a favorite Sapa tourist destination of tourists in the future.

Cat Cat Waterfall

Located in Cat Cat village – one of the famous tourist attractions in Sa Pa, Cat Cat waterfall (also known as Tien Sa waterfall) is a great stopover for nature-loving tourists. The waterfall originates from the majestic Hoang Lien Son range, crosses the wild thousands, and then falls into the Cat Cat valley, merging with the endless flow of Tien stream flowing down and down into the Red River.


From afar, visitors have heard the rushing sound from the waterfall falling down accidentally creating an extremely lively mountain music. Next to the waterfall, there are two very romantic suspension bridges, always swinging in the footsteps of visitors. If you have the opportunity to visit Fansipan mountain, do not miss the opportunity to admire the charming beauty of the waterfalls at the foot of the mountain.


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