Traveling to Sapa at the time of changing seasons

Traveling to Sapa at the time of changing seasons


Sapa is always a beautiful and poetic tourist destination, attracting both Vietnamese and international tourists. Coming to Sapa at any time of the year, visitors will also admire the majestic and immense mountain scenery. However, to see the most beautiful Sapa moment, visitors can come to Sapa at this time.

1. The intersection of two seasons in Sapa

The days of April are the time when the seasons change from spring to summer. This is considered the most beautiful time of the year in Sapa. The atmosphere in Sapa is a mixture of the chilly weather of spring and the warm golden rays of summer.

The Sapa weather is getting warmer now. This weather is extremely suitable for tourists to go on a picnic, explore famously beautiful tourist sites in Sapa such as Fansipan Peak, Ham Rong Mountain, Ta Phin Village, Ancient Rock Beaches, Muong Hoa Valley,…On the roads leading to the villages, visitors can also see the yellow color of the flowers on both sides of the road.

Coming to Sapa in April is a great opportunity for tourists to hunt clouds. In the early morning, visitors to the top of Ham Rong mountain, Fansipan Peak, or O Quy Ho Pass will easily observe and take pictures of clouds floating throughout the mountain space, creating an infinite natural picture. same miracle.

2. The beauty of flowers at the time of transition

April is the month of beautiful flower seasons in Sapa. The whole space of the Sapa mountains is now covered with the white color of plum flowers and the pink color of late-blooming forest peaches.

Rhododendron flowers are a typical flower of the Northwest mountains and forests, usually blooming in late March and early April. While the white color of plum flowers and the pink color of peach blossoms bloom throughout the mountains of Sapa, the azalea flower blooms the most in the Hoang Lien Son range.

Visitors traveling to Sapa in April also have the opportunity to admire the beauty of buckwheat flower fields. A special feature that makes visitors love this flower is its ability to change color according to the sun. The beautiful scenery of the field of buckwheat flowers in full bloom flutters the hearts of many visitors.

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