Unique musical instrument of Sapa people

Unique musical instrument of Sapa people


In the cultural and spiritual life of the Mong people in the Northwest highlands, traditional musical instruments have a timeless vitality, playing soul music, and spiritual music and appearing in sacred rituals. of the people here.

Leaf trumpet of the Mong people

This is a very simple instrument that takes no time and effort to make; mainly uses the flexibility of the lips and fingers. In particular, the elderly, young people, women, and men can all blow. They just need to choose the one with smooth, slightly chewy leaf edges, smooth and soft surface, and they can start blowing. The blower uses his hands to hold the ends of the leaves and holds the leaf horizontally between the lips, combining the use of the tongue and pushing the air through the slight opening of the lips to create a sound.

Hmong people blow the leaf trumpet anywhere and at any time. While waiting for each other to go to the market, during delivery, meeting or simply when they are interested.

Vertical flute

Near the top end there is a hole for blowing. The flute is made of old bamboo or cork so it’s durable to use. When blowing, the sound is mellow, melodious, and low depending on the emotions of the person blowing. The audience using this instrument is not male or female, but mainly young people.

The flute is often played by Ha Nhi people when they go to the upland, as a tool to help them express their feelings to their homeland, friends and relatives… During festivals, members of the village’s cultural teams play the flute to accompany them. women and girls sing folk songs and sing the love between men and women.


There are two types of drums of the H’mong people: big drums and small drums, which are chiseled from the trunk of a tree. The drum is painted dark brown, stretched with buffalo skin, cow skin, the sound is very resonant. This is a musical instrument often used by the H’mong in funerals and worshiping ceremonies, rarely used in happy festivals.

Trumpet tree

The trumpet is a traditional musical instrumen in the culture of the Mong people. An object associated with people, becoming the symbol and soul of the Mong ethnic culture. The Khen is made from a small bamboo trunk, forest rope and a hollow wooden gourd.

Khen is present in the spring festival, an inseparable object of the Mong boys. Khen exists at funerals to play sacred music to send off the souls of the dead.

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