Walking in Sapa at night

Walking in Sapa at night


Sapa attracts visitors by the majestic and poetic beauty of terraced fields, idyllic villages nestled on the mountainside during the day, but when the sun goes down, Sapa will hold you back with full of love markets. colorful, delicious baked goods.

1. Sapa Night Market

The night market area is the place where nighttime trade activities. The market is bustling with unique stalls of the H’Mong, Red Dao, Tay, and Giay ethnic groups selling many handicraft products, forest specialties, and souvenirs.

There is also a food court at the market where you can try many local specialties such as sour pho, thang co, men men, corn wine, grilled food,

2. Sapa Love Market

Sapa Love Market is the place where cultural activities of the Highland people take place. This is the ideal place for you to discover the unique cultural features of the ethnic minorities living here. Come to the appointment again; every Saturday night, men and women from faraway villages gather here with traditional costumes to exchange art, dance the flute, play the flute, and play folk games. time until late.

This is considered one of the most ideal places for dating and socializing when coming to Sapa.Taken place at 21:30 every Saturday in the area in front of the Stone Church.

3. Stone Church

Located in the center of town. The church was built in 1895 by the French. This church has become a symbol of Sapa and a must-see destination in Sapa, whether it’s day or night.

At night, the Stone Church is splendidly decorated with LED lights, so many people gather here to have fun, walk, and explore the high-altitude nightlife. Especially on Saturday nights.

4. Cau May Walking Street

Cau May, also known as West Street, is a busy street that attracts a large number of tourists to visit, play, and shop. This street concentrates a lot of restaurants, hotels, and entertainment venues.

At night, especially on weekends, Cau May attracts a lot of tourists and becomes an attractive walking city in Sapa. For those who love the bustling atmosphere, this is an ideal place.

5. Sapa Lake

Sapa Lake is one of the best places to go in the evening in Sapa. It is located right in the center of town, so it is very convenient to move here.

Thanks to the lights of restaurants, hotels, and cafes reflecting on the lake surface, a shimmering scene is created at night. You can take a walk around the lake or drink a cup of coffee near the lake to relax.

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