What is interesting about Sapa at night?

What is interesting about Sapa at night?


Sapa always makes us feel excited and touched when we set foot here. Located in the high mountains at the head of the country, blessed with cool weather all year round, so when traveling to Sapa, you will feel comfortable with the climate here. Every time the night falls, the temperature drops even lower, it will be a wonderful experience to walk hand in hand with your loved one on the streets under the cold air, right? Let’s explore interesting places at night together!

1.Sapa Lake:

Sapa Lake is one of the best places to visit at night in Sapa. Located right in the center of the town, it is very convenient to get to. The evening at Sapa Lake attracts many tourists, especially couples, for its peaceful and romantic scenery. Thanks to the lights of the restaurants, hotels, and cafes reflecting down on the lake, it creates a sparkling scene at night. You can take a leisurely walk around the lake or have a cup of coffee near the lake to relax and unwind.


2. Sapa Night Market:

When night falls, you must not miss the night market area. The bustling and noisy atmosphere of buyers and sellers is in contrast to the peaceful and quiet scenery of Sapa during the day. Here, locals sell a variety of goods include in: food, clothing, souvenirs…. At Night Market, you will feel like you are immersed in the life of the people of the Northwest and enjoy the delicious local cuisine to your heart’s content.


3. Bars/Lounges:

Another popular nighttime destination for many tourists are the bars and lounges. Enjoying a delicious cocktail with some light snacks while immersed in lively music or having fun will be a memorable experience of a different Sapa than what you usually hear about. Some bars you can consider visiting are The Hmong Sisters, Bebop Bar, Wooden Pub, Halosa Lounge&Cafe


4. Sapa Love Market:

Exploring Sapa at night, you definitely cannot miss the Love Market. Every Saturday night at 9pm, the Love Market takes place, attracting the attention of locals and tourists. As the sun gradually goes down behind the mountain peak, the town of Sapa is immersed in a mystical, dense fog, illuminated by the lights from the stalls. In the air, there is a scent of strong alcohol and the sound of melodious traditional instruments calling for visitors. At the Love Market, many young men and women from the ethnic minorities in the highlands gather to compete and showcase their talents. This is an ideal destination for couples to go on a date.


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