What is the best season to visit Sapa?

What is the best season to visit Sapa?


Sapa is located in the northwest of the country but hides many wonders of majestic natural scenery in the mountains and forests, so it attracts a lot of tourists not only domestically but also internationally. So, when is the best time to visit Sapa?

1. Spring – admiring blooming flowers in Sapa (from February to May)

This is the season that many tourists consider the best to enjoy the sunshine, wind, and fresh air of the highland forests. In spring, Sapa is covered with thousands of flowers, such as peach blossoms, plum blossoms, and many other flowers blooming in the hills, slopes, valleys, and roads in town. It creates the most beautiful and colorful scenery of the year.


From March to May, the weather in Sapa is very cool and pleasant, with dry nights and cloudy mornings. Even while inside a hotel room, tourists can still feel the clouds hovering nearby. This is also the time when locals start to sow their crops, and visitors can admire the lush green rice fields on the majestic terraced slopes. In April and May, ethnic minorities will be transplanting rice on these terraced fields. The scene of people working in the fields is very beautiful and rustic, which is beloved by tourists and photographers during this season and the rice harvest season.

2. Summer in Sapa is a great time to escape the heat and admire the terraced fields (from June to August on the Gregorian calendar)

In a country with a tropical monsoon climate like Vietnam, summer can be quite harsh and hot, but in Sapa, the air is much cooler and reminiscent of a mini temperate city in Europe. There is only one rice crop per year in Sapa, with locals sowing their crops around early May, and by July, the rice plants have turned greener and grown taller. The terraced fields seem to be adorned with a brand new coat of lush green.


3. Visiting Sapa in Autumn to admire the golden rice fields (from September to November in the Gregorian calendar)

During this time, the rice starts to ripen and Sapa’s scenery becomes vibrant with golden hues that embrace the Northwest mountains and forests. If you want to plan a family vacation and combine it with rice field sightseeing, it is best to come around July to September.

The rice ripening season falls in September and October when Sapa is painted with a golden color from every angle. This is the time. Many tourists share as their favorite when traveling to Sapa. It is recommended to visit in the middle or end of September. As by October many places have already harvested the rice and the fields may not be as beautiful. You also won’t be able to fully appreciate the shining golden color of the rice like you can at the end of September.


4. In the period from December to February:

Sapa is very cold, especially at night. There may be frost and an occasional snowfall. This is also the season of cherry blossoms. At this time, many young couples want to witness the romance of the snowfall scenery. Admiring the forest cherry blossoms in the misty wind. The sunrise over the high valley in the early morning is a unique experience. You can only find in Sapa during this time. However, this time Sapa is crowded with tourists, and the prices of services are usually very expensive.



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