What should I buy as a tourist gift in Sapa?

What should I buy as a tourist gift in Sapa?


When traveling to Sapa, visitors not only discover the beautiful scenery and learn about the culture and cuisine of this place, but also do not forget to choose to buy specialties as famous gifts in Sapa to give to loved ones and friends.

1. Sapa’s kitchen buffalo meat

Sapa has many specialties that visitors can freely choose to buy as gifts. In which, kitchen buffalo meat is a specialty that visitors praise and do not forget to buy as gifts for relatives.

There may be many places with kitchen buffalo meat, but nowhere has the unique and professionally made taste like the kitchen buffalo meat in Sapa. The kitchen buffalo meat of the Sapa people is made entirely of buffalo meat, marinated with esoteric spices, and dried with the heat and smoke of the wood stove from day to day. That’s why Sapa Kitchen buffalo meat has a very distinctive flavor that is difficult to mix.

2. Sapa forest chestnut

Visitors coming to Sapa will surely know that chestnuts are a specialty of this place. Chestnuts are also a favorite choice of tourists when traveling to Sapa to buy as gifts.

Forest chestnuts have a lemon-yellow core and are sweet, fleshy, and fragrant. Chestnuts are usually boiled and then roasted until they are fully ripe and have a strong aroma. Ethnic people also grind chestnuts to make cakes instead of mung bean flour; it’s delicious but strange. Chestnuts are also easy to carry when riding and last a long time, so it is quite convenient to buy them as gifts for relatives and friends when traveling to Sapa.

3. Muong Khuong chili sauce

Visitors can completely choose the seasoning, which is the famous Muong Khuong chili sauce of the mountainous district of Muong Khuong-LLao Cai. This chili sauce has a rather special flavor and is made from rice peppers, small, ripe red fruits with a distinctively spicy and rich flavor.

After harvest, the chili will be washed thoroughly and then ground with garlic. Then, the seeds, such as cumin seeds, coriander seeds, doi seeds, and cardamom seeds, are roasted and mixed with crushed garlic chili, a little salt water, and a little wine, and incubated for 2 months. All create a unique, spicy Muong Khuong chili that is famous near and far. This is a famous specialty that visitors to Sapa can absolutely choose to buy as a gift.

4. Meo Cider and San Lung Wine

Sapa is famous for two specialty wines: Apple Meo wine and San Lung wine. These two wines have unique flavors that make visitors remember them after drinking them. Visitors to Sapa can completely choose between these two types of wine to give to relatives and friends.

Visitors can buy pure apple cider at the market of the Mong people, while San Lung wine can be bought at the market of the Red Dao people. In particular, visitors can also go to San Lung villageto both see how wine is processed

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