What should you eat when you come to Sapa?

What should you eat when you come to Sapa?


There is more than one reason for Sapa to become a top destination for travel enthusiasts. Sapa’s unique, exotic, and delicious specialties are so captivating that they can make tourists lose themselves and forget the way back. Some of Sapa’s delicacies make your taste buds tingle just by hearing their names, while others might seem intimidating at first glance but are incredibly addictive. If you have the opportunity to travel independently to this land of sun, flowers, and mist, don’t forget to savor these 10 famous Sapa specialties listed below.

Thắng cố:

Thắng cố is a soup dish made from beef, buffalo meat, horse offal, simmered bones, fresh vegetables, and various special spices. Similar to types of beef offal hotpot and pork offal hotpot in Southern Vietnam. This is essentially a traditional delicacy of the H’Mong people. It was introduced in Yunnan province, China, and has a history of nearly 200 years. Thắng cố is usually cooked in a large pot, with a dark color and rich taste. It has a distinctive bitter-sweet flavor from the horse offal. It is particularly suitable for the cold weather in Sapa. Local people often jokingly say that if you have been to Sapa but haven’t tasted thắng cố, you haven’t truly been there.

Stove-guarding Buffalo:

Stove-guarding buffalo meat is not only a famous specialty of Sapa, but it is also a popular gift that many tourists buy for their friends and family. Fresh buffalo meat, after being marinated with spices, is smoked over a wood stove. This process continues until the outer layer of the meat is completely dried and turns into a deep reddish-brown color. This is a delicacy of the Black Thai ethnic group, possessing a distinct salty and rich aroma that comes from a variety of spices. Although it might be an acquired taste, Sapa’s stove-guarding buffalo meat is highly appreciated by gourmet food enthusiasts for its flavorful and robust meat, which pairs exceptionally well with alcoholic beverages.”


If you think that salmon is a delicacy exclusive to coastal regions, you’re mistaken. Sapa’s salmon, also known as striped salmon or chum salmon, proves otherwise. These salmon thrive in cool, stagnant waters. The flesh of the striped salmon is a vibrant orange-red color, with each piece firm and evenly arranged. It’s tender and soft without any greasy smell. You can enjoy striped salmon in various ways, such as sashimi-style (raw fish dipped in soy sauce and wasabi), in salads, grilled, and more, all of which taste delicious. One of the most beloved dishes in Sapa is salmon hotpot. Fresh salmon meat combines with a sweet and tangy broth, creating a delightful experience. Dip the salmon into the hotpot along with various fresh Northwestern vegetables. The taste is truly unforgettable, lingering in your memory for a lifetime.

Cốn sủi:

When it comes to Sapa’s specialties, you can’t miss Cốn Sủi (also known as Cuốn Sủi). This is another delicious Northwestern dish that was introduced in China. It’s made from soft and chewy pho noodles, served with a rich and flavorful gravy. Depending on the vendor’s preferences, the toppings for Cốn Sủi can vary widely. Common options include thinly sliced pork, finely chopped pickled mustard greens, bean sprouts, boiled eggs, satay sauce, and a touch of fresh herbs.


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