When does the Love Market in Sapa take place?

When does the Love Market in Sapa take place?


The Love Market in Sapa is one of the unique cultural features of the indigenous ethnic people. Many people think that this is a place specializing in selling items related to love between men and women. But the truth is far from what you imagine.

The Love Market in Sapa then and now:

In the past, the Love Market only took place in a corner of the market, usually an empty plot of land in front of the Sapa market. After the regular market session ended, people gathered at the market gate to participate in the khen dance and leaf blowing activities.

Boys and girls stood in small groups. If a boy meets someone he likes, he will blow the khen and dance, and the girl will join in if she agrees. This is a unique dance of the Sapa ethnic people to exchange love. Many people believe that this custom is somewhat similar to the love duet singing of Bac Ninh.

Now, the Love Market is only a tourist destination for visitors to Sapa. Every late Saturday night, a few groups of young people perform khen blowing to serve tourists. The Love Market becomes a place to reminisce about the past and satisfy curiosity about the Love Market of the Mong and Dao ethnic groups.


2. When does the Sapa Love Market take place?

The local people in Sapa have a weekly market every Sunday morning. The Love Market, on the other hand, takes place on the night before the weekly market, which is Saturday night. At around 6-7pm on Saturday night, locals and tourists will visit the church area and the town square to participate in the activities of the Love Market.


3. The best time to visit the Love Market:

With the current frequency of once a week, you can participate in the Love Market at any time. However, each season, the Sapa Love Market has its own unique features. But it’s best to visit during the spring.

Spring is when the weather in Sapa is beautiful, with cherry and plum blossoms blooming everywhere. You can feel the vibrant, lively atmosphere of both people and nature welcoming the arrival of spring here.

Participants in the market dress up in new clothes and sell many unique items. You can also see many couples in love shopping for Tet together at the market.

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