5 distinct types of tea found only in Northern Vietnam

5 distinct types of tea found only in Northern Vietnam


Northern Vietnam is not only a place where majestic nature converges but also a treasure trove of unique tea flavors. The high mountain regions have cultivated a rare collection of teas that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Join us at Halosa as we explore 5 special types of tea unique to the northern provinces of Vietnam, where flavors and cultural traditions intertwine in a unique way.

1. Snowshan Tea

Production Location: Moc Chau Plateau, Son La.

Characteristics: Snowshan Tea is a Vietnamese specialty with large, white-gray tea buds covered in fine, white hairs, resembling snow. It has a gentle fragrance and a honey-colored infusion. The tea is processed using traditional methods by ethnic groups such as the Tay, Mong, and Dao.


2. Tân Cương Tea, Thai Nguyen

Production Location: Thai Nguyen.

Characteristics: Thai Nguyen is known for its high-yield tea regions, including Dai Tu, Tan Cuong, Dong Hy, Phu Luong, and more, with Tan Cuong tea being the most esteemed. Natural conditions, along with the care and processing techniques of the locals, make tea plants in Tan Cuong thrive, resulting in a more aromatic and flavorful tea compared to other regions.


3. Dam Tea

Production Location: Nghe An.

Characteristics: Preparing a cup of Đam tea takes more time and effort compared to regular green tea. Đam tea is made by selecting young tea leaves, drying them, and then finely grinding them. It has a slightly bitter taste initially but leaves a sweet aftertaste, making it a unique and memorable brew.


4. Bang Tea, Thanh Hoa

Production Location: Thanh Hoa.

Characteristics: Bang Tea is a symbol of Thanh Hoa’s tea culture. It’s a unique type of tea made from dried, ground tea leaves. This special processing method results in a rich and robust tea with a balanced, slightly bitter taste that pairs perfectly with local Banh Lam cakes.

5. Lotus Tea

Production Location: Tay Ho, Hanoi (Trang An).

Characteristics: Lotus Tea, also known as Hanoi Lotus Tea, is the epitome of Hanoi’s culinary culture. Its origins are shrouded in history, initially reserved for royalty and aristocrats. This tea has a delightful aroma of lotus blossoms and maintains its sweet and fragrant taste through multiple infusions.


These teas are not just a delightful fusion of natural flavors and colors; they are also an integral part of the culture and life of the people in Northern Vietnam. Try these unique teas whenever you have the opportunity, and you will experience the beauty and distinctiveness of our country’s northern mountainous region.


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