5 interesting things about coffee beans you may not know?

5 interesting things about coffee beans you may not know?


Coffee is a type of beverage that many people love and consume daily. Have you ever heard of these facts about coffee?

1. Coffee beans are green or red

Coffee beans are harvested from coffee trees when they are ripe and red in color. However, initially, coffee beans are typically green. They turn brown only after going through the drying and roasting process.

2. Unique root system

The root system of coffee plants is quite unique. They tend to grow close to the surface of the soil, which helps coffee plants efficiently absorb water and nutrients even in nutrient-poor soil conditions.


3. Coffee beans contain a lot of oil

Natural coffee beans contain a relatively high amount of oil. This coffee oil is often removed during the roasting process, but it can be retained to produce coffee oil, a valuable ingredient in beauty and cosmetic products.

4. Ingredient for various beverages

In addition to making black coffee and espresso, coffee beans are also used to produce various other beverages such as iced coffee, cappuccino, Irish coffee (containing whiskey), and Turkish coffee (prepared by boiling with sugar and cardamom).

5. Coffee can be grown in unexpected places

Coffee plants can adapt to various terrains and different climate conditions. They can be grown from sea level up to altitudes exceeding 2,000 meters, from hot tropical regions to cold areas. This makes it one of the most widely cultivated plants globally.

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