5 reasons why today’s youth are prone to neck fatigue and shoulder pain

5 reasons why today’s youth are prone to neck fatigue and shoulder pain


Neck fatigue and shoulder pain are not only issues for the elderly but also affect many young people today. Young people often face stress from various sources, from academic pressure to work pressure. This leads to an increasingly common occurrence of neck fatigue and shoulder pain.

Prolonged use of mobile devices and computers:

Young people often spend many hours each day using mobile phones and computers. Incorrect posture and muscle strain from staring at screens for extended periods can lead to neck fatigue and shoulder pain. It’s important to take regular breaks and perform simple exercises like neck and arm stretches to reduce tension.

Lack of physical activity:

Sitting for prolonged periods without physical activity is also a cause of neck fatigue and shoulder pain. Ensure you have enough daily physical activity. Even simple exercises like walking during lunch breaks or engaging in physical activities on weekends can help alleviate these issues.

Academic and work pressure:

Pressure from academic studies and work is also a significant factor causing tension and pain in the neck and shoulders. Effective stress and pressure management techniques such as deep breathing exercises, yoga, and participation in stress-relieving activities are essential.

Incorrect mindset and posture:

Incorrect mindset and posture while sitting or working can also lead to neck fatigue and shoulder pain. Prolonged sitting often results in lower back discomfort. It’s important to ensure correct and comfortable posture while sitting or working. Misuse of desks or chairs can create uneven pressure on muscles, leading to fatigue and discomfort. Ensure that the working or studying environment of young people is improved with suitable equipment and furniture.

Consider getting a neck and shoulder massage:

When experiencing stress and prolonged discomfort, it’s beneficial to take some time to visit a spa for relaxation. Don’t let the pain persist for too long as it can significantly impact long-term mental health and hinder productivity. And don’t forget, if you’re traveling to Sapa and experiencing neck and shoulder fatigue from long journeys, Halosa Spa is ready to serve you!


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