What you need to know about joint pain in middle age

Ngày 23-11-2023

As one enters middle age, the body begins to show signs of aging, particularly in the form of joint pain, causing various inconveniences. Causes of joint pain in middle age...

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The causes of prolonged muscle pain and fatigue throughout the day can stem from various factors.

Ngày 21-11-2023

Muscle fatigue and soreness are symptoms that almost everyone commonly experiences, especially those who engage in regular physical activity or high-intensity training. 1. What is prolonged muscle fatigue? Prolonged muscle...

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How does mental health affect the skin?

Ngày 15-11-2023

According to recent studies in psychodermatology, emotions can influence the skin, and the relationship between the mind and the skin is becoming clearer than ever. Poor mental health affects your...

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Top 5 Modern Spa Facilities in Sapa

Ngày 13-11-2023

Exploring the mystical land of Sapa is not only a journey to discover its magnificent natural beauty but also an opportunity to indulge in relaxation at luxurious spas. These establishments...

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Cafés on Fansipan not to be missed

Ngày 27-10-2023

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Sapa. Located on the Fansipan Road, connecting the town of Sapa and Cat Cat Village, Halosa Lounge & Cafe is a paradise for dreamers....

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5 distinct types of tea found only in Northern Vietnam

Ngày 27-09-2023

Northern Vietnam is not only a place where majestic nature converges but also a treasure trove of unique tea flavors. The high mountain regions have cultivated a rare collection of...

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The unique design of Halosa Lounge & Cafe

Ngày 26-09-2023

Halosa Lounge & Cafe is located in a prime location at 63C Fansipan, Sapa - a beautiful hidden gem in the northern mountains of Vietnam. With its unique design and...

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Benefits to consider after completing a massage.

Ngày 25-09-2023

A massage session is a relaxing and beneficial experience for both the body and the soul. However, to truly enjoy all the benefits it offers, you should pay attention to...

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Admire the romantic night of Sapa from Halosa

Ngày 21-09-2023

Sapa, a picturesque region nestled amidst misty mountains, has always been the ideal destination for couples seeking a romantic getaway. Within this charming town, Halosa has long established itself as...

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5 interesting things about coffee beans you may not know?

Ngày 18-09-2023

Coffee is a type of beverage that many people love and consume daily. Have you ever heard of these facts about coffee? 1. Coffee beans are green or red Coffee...

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