Effective massage steps for back pain relief

Effective massage steps for back pain relief


Pain, stiffness, and backaches are common symptoms that anyone can experience, especially those who spend long hours sitting and have little physical activity. To address this condition, back massage is an effective method. It helps alleviate muscle pain, reduce fatigue, and accelerate the recovery process.

Proper steps for a back massage:

1️⃣ Apply massage oil to your palms. Rub your hands together to warm them up.

2️⃣ Using your oiled hands, gently apply pressure to the painful areas. Slowly move your hands in an upward direction from the hip area to the entire back. Repeat this motion 6-8 times for about 3 minutes. Then gradually increase the speed to warm up the back area.

3️⃣ Massage the lower back with a circular motion technique. Gently apply pressure for 2 to 5 minutes. You can use your fingers or the knuckles of your fingers to perform short circular motions.

4️⃣ Bring your fingertips together and keep your wrists soft. Perform tapping motions on the lower back, starting from the painful lower back area to the upper back and shoulders. Repeat this motion for about 3 minutes with moderate force, not too strong.

5️⃣ Gently lift and twist the back muscles with your hands positioned palm-up on the back. Slightly splay your thumb and start to twist the muscles gently along the back for about 3 times.

6️⃣ Relieve back pain through the stretching technique: With this technique, place both hands, left and right, on the corresponding hip areas. Then gently press and push your hands in opposite directions to the sides. Repeat this action 3 times.


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