Grilled salmon hotpot – a must-try dish when visiting Sapa.

Grilled salmon hotpot – a must-try dish when visiting Sapa.


Salmon and sturgeon are famous specialties of Sapa. At first, tourists may mistake these two fish for “foreign” fish, but in reality, they are “100% made in Sapa” fish.

Salmon and sturgeon can be prepared in various ways. For salmon, Sasumi salad and grilling are two popular dishes. That are considered the most delicious as they retain the inherent flavors of these fish. Don’t worry if you notice variations in the taste of grilled salmon at different restaurants. As the secret marinade for this dish is not fixed and generally leans towards the highland culinary style. If you’re not accustomed to eating raw fish, salmon hotpot is also a suitable option with thinly sliced meat and the bones used to make the broth.


Sturgeon has two delicious dishes: hotpot and grilled. The discarded parts of a sturgeon are minimal, consisting of only a few organs and the head bones, fins, and scales. Sturgeon doesn’t have many bones, only cartilage. Therefore, when dipped in hotpot or grilled, it provides a delightful chewy, sweet, and crunchy sensation in the mouth. Tourists can choose to enjoy it at restaurants or visit a fish farm, select their own fish, and have the chef there prepare it according to their preferences.

What is the price of salmon and sturgeon in Sapa?

In the downtown area, the average price is around 600,000 VND per kilogram of finished product. This means you choose the fish and then weigh it to calculate the cost. This price includes the processing fee and accompanying side dishes. If you purchase 1 kg. It can be used for a hotpot dish, 1.5 kg can be used for 2 hotpot dishes or a combination of hotpot and grilled. From 2 kg onwards, you can have hotpot, salad, and grilling options.

If you go directly to a fish farm, the price will be slightly cheaper because they are the main suppliers of fish for all of Sapa. The price ranges from 500,000 VND and up. If you buy fish to take away, the lowest price for salmon is around 350,000 VND, while sturgeon is around 250,000 VND. The price may vary depending on the quantity you purchase, and they may offer certain discounts.

If you order a set meal, the average price will be around 150,000 VND per serving, and a minimum order of at least 2 servings is required. Naturally, if you order 2 servings, you will most likely receive only the hotpot dish.


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