Top 3 restaurants with delicious salmon in Sapa

Top 3 restaurants with delicious salmon in Sapa


Thanks to its temperate climate advantage, salmon farming in Sapa has thrived. With cool temperatures year-round and low winter temperatures, sometimes even accompanied by snowfall, the quality of Sapa salmon is on par with imported fish. Therefore, when visiting Sapa, you must try the salmon at least once!

1. Halosa Restaurant:

Located within the Halosa complex, this restaurant boasts an Indochine-style interior and a diverse menu featuring dishes from both Europe and Asia. Particularly noteworthy are the salmon dishes, which offer unique flavors and rich taste in every bite. The restaurant is not only a place to enjoy delicious food but also a healing space due to its incredibly chill ambiance and breathtaking views that you simply can’t miss.


2. Song Nhi Restaurant:

With the advantage of exclusively serving delicious dishes related to salmon, Song Nhi Restaurant is the next impressive destination among Sapa’s salmon restaurants. The slices of fresh salmon, glistening with fat and red hue, accompanied by a hot and flavorful broth, undoubtedly create a unique and enticing flavor that leaves diners raving every time they reminisce about it.

3. Hong Long Sapa Restaurant:

Renowned for its fresh seafood, Hong Long Sapa Restaurant offers incredibly high-quality dishes. Especially notable are the salmon dishes prepared directly by the experienced chefs, resulting in delicious and fragrant meals.


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