Leaf trumpet of the Mong people

Top 5 salmon restaurants in Sapa to try at least once.

Ngày 08-12-2023

When visiting the Sapa region, you cannot miss out on the "salmon" here that will enchant you with their exquisite flavors. Let's explore some renowned places to try salmon in...

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Top 5 modern-designed spas in Sapa

Ngày 07-12-2023

To make your Sapa trip truly perfect, be sure not to miss the experience of relaxing at the spa. Sapa spas offer unique styles, so let's explore some suitable places...

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The wonders of massage and acupressure on the foot area.

Ngày 28-11-2023

Acupressure points on the feet have a close relationship with various internal organs. Therefore, mastering the foot acupressure points chart will help you easily massage and promote blood circulation, improve...

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Top 10 best spas in Sapa

Ngày 17-10-2023

1. Halosa Spa: Halosa Spa is a professional and upscale establishment that combines harmoniously the massage techniques of both Europe and Asia, along with the herbal ingredients from the Sapa...

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Unique musical instrument of Sapa people

Ngày 23-04-2023

In the cultural and spiritual life of the Mong people in the Northwest highlands, traditional musical instruments have a timeless vitality, playing soul music, and spiritual music and appearing in...

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