A must-try experience at Halosa Spa

Ngày 28-12-2023

If you come to Sapa for the experience, relaxation, and especially for a honeymoon getaway, then a visit to our Halosa Spa is definitely a must. At Halosa Spa, we...

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Top 5 salmon restaurants in Sapa to try at least once.

Ngày 08-12-2023

When visiting the Sapa region, you cannot miss out on the "salmon" here that will enchant you with their exquisite flavors. Let's explore some renowned places to try salmon in...

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5 distinct types of tea found only in Northern Vietnam

Ngày 27-09-2023

Northern Vietnam is not only a place where majestic nature converges but also a treasure trove of unique tea flavors. The high mountain regions have cultivated a rare collection of...

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Ngày 21-08-2023

 While Hanoi boasts 12 flower seasons, Sapa is certainly not behind at all, my friends. It must be said that when you come to Sapa, every month is always ablaze...

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The Essence of Sapa’s Culture in the Unique Bathtub Soaking Experience

Ngày 18-08-2023

The bathtub experience in Sapa is not merely about enjoying relaxation and relieving stress but also encapsulates the essence of the unique culture of this region. The perfect blend of...

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The Mường Hoa Valley in Sapa

Ngày 14-04-2023

Crossing many high mountain ranges covered in mist in the Northwest forests, visitors will find themselves in the Mường Hoa Valley when they arrive in Sapa. Like a magnificent painting...

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Come to Sapa at the most beautiful time of the year

Ngày 13-04-2023

When the petals signal spring has arrived, that is also the time when the most beautiful flowers in Sapa begin to bloom. Let's find out what flowers are blooming in...

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Traveling to Sapa at the time of changing seasons

Ngày 05-04-2023

Sapa is always a beautiful and poetic tourist destination, attracting both Vietnamese and international tourists. Coming to Sapa at any time of the year, visitors will also admire the majestic...

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